Thule Approach – get the greatest view with the new signature rooftop tent from Thule

Thule Approach is a tent that makes adventure travel easier, more comfortable, and more fun. It transforms your vehicle into a home away from home no matter what you drive—SUV, sedan, truck, or hatchback.

With Thule Approach, you can have the van life experience or go for a weekend in the forest and still live comfortably. The tent maximizes interior space, giving you a great place to hang out in, as well as a comfortable night’s sleep.

”We wanted it to feel comfortable and quite amazing to hang out in; so we came up with something really extra. Spacious, airy and bright – Thule Approach is all the things you love but wouldn’t expect from a tent.” Graham Jackson, Product Manager at Thule Group.

The soft shell rooftop tent – a unique lightweight solution for more space

The reason Thule Approach can be so spacious is quite simple – it is a soft shell rooftop tent. That means that it is lightweight, and has a small footprint on your car, but doubles its size at setup. This gives you a generous living space with large windows on the ceiling and sides that allow you to get closer to nature in any weather. The dual layer foam mattress delivers an extra luxurious camping experience.

The versatile raincover lets you quickly roll back the cover to give an open airy feel, or close up the tent for storm mode. Thule Approach will be comfortable in scorching sunlight, since there is plenty of ventilation, and if it rains it’s weatherproofed – and you can even look out the windows when it’s pouring down.

“We gave the windows a lot of thought. They are huge, so you can get a good view of the stars above. You feel closer to nature, and they keep your tent cool and well ventilated. We even put skylights on the rain cover to let you look outside during the worst weather.” Henrik Eriksson, Director of design at Thule.

The innovative mounting brackets allow you to install the tent on your roof in just minutes—half the time of traditional rooftop tents. The mounting brackets also lock the tent to your roof rack, for added security. Once you arrive at your destination, the rooftop tent is quick to set up – from parked to deployed in under 3 minutes. And when you are ready to leave for your next destination, you can break down the tent quickly and easily and get going in minutes.

For an even more spacious experience, the tent is compatible with an annex or awning (sold separately).

Thule Approach comes in two sizes and three colours, with a recommended price of 2999.95 € for up to 3 persons and 3499.95 € for up to 4 persons. Thule Approach 3 persons solution is available in stores now. Thule Approach 4 persons solution is available in stores May 1st.
For more information please contact:
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Global PR Director
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