Thule releases Thule Arcos – a new hardshell cargo box for the back of the car: bring more, go farther

The new cargo box Thule Arcos puts the cargo on the back of your car for easy accessibility and great aerodynamics. Thule Arcos is perfect if your car has limited cargo space or if you don’t want to mount anything on the roof.

A cargo box for the back of the car
Thule Arcos is a hard-shell cargo box designed to provide extra loading space with easy access at the rear of the car. By using the car´s towbar to carry the cargo box, wind resistance is minimized and it becomes possible to carry other large loads on the car roof—such as a rooftop tent, a kayak carrier or even bikes.

An easy-to-use solution with a sleek design
Mounting the cargo box on the towbar is only possible for cars equipped with towbars and can be a solution where roof boxes can’t be mounted due to the design of the car roof, such as some electric cars. The sleek and low design of Thule Arcos ensures great visual view in the rearview mirror and makes it convenient to load and unload cargo—and, the trunk of the car is always accessible. This makes loading and unloading of gear in the trunk convenient.

A way to create efficient extra loading space for smaller electric cars
Thule Arcos can transform even a small car into an adventure vehicle, capable of carrying cargo and outdoor gear. The premium hard-shell exterior makes it robust and stable and protects the cargo from dirt and water, and allows you to easily access the back of your car.

The aerodynamic design makes you go farther
When developing the portfolio of the rear-of-car mounted cargo solutions, extensive tests done by Thule show that having a cargo solution on the back of the car has limited impact on battery or fuel consumption and can even in some cases decrease it. This is also confirmed in external testing, where e.g. “Vi Bilägare”, Sweden’s largest car magazine, tested cars – both petrol and electric – with a cargo box on the towbar (in their test they used Thule Onto semi-hard cargo solution) and found that both fuel and energy consumption actually was lower than when driving a car with no cargo box on it. With 5400 km driven in varying weather with a fleet of Volkswagen ID4, the average consumption (kWh/100km) was 4% less than without a cargo box.

“One way to get more packing space without increasing energy consumption is the latest trend of mounting a cargo box on the car’s towbar. We found that both the petrol car and the electric car had slightly lower consumption with the box fitted than when the car was running completely empty on the test route.”

Read the test in Vi Bilägare (in Swedish) >>>

Björn Strid, Director Product Management at Thule, concludes:
“We at Thule are broadening our range of rear-of-car cargo solutions, and a premium product with aerodynamics like our new Thule Arcos box is genuinely a game-changer. You can put a large easy-to-access cargo box on the back of your car and end up with the same fuel or electricity consumption as you would have without it.”

Thule Arcos comes in two sizes: Thule Arcos M has a volume of 300 liters and Thule Arcos L carries 400 liters. This means you can easily load a stroller and some bags or or two golf bags, even in the M version. For a journey that needs extra space, Thule offers several options of rooftop boxes that carry from 300 liters up to 610 liters. Thule’s wide range of cargo carriers fit every need – whether you’re living an everyday active lifestyle, going on vacation, or just need extra space for that weekend trip.

Thule Arcos will launch to consumers on February 1st 2023 with a recommended price of 1349,95 € (M) and 1399,95 € (L).

Johanna Sörstrand
Global PR Director
+46 73-0605646


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