Vero makes the complex
We're here when your time and experience are not enough,
when the market doesn't understand your change, when the regulations
become too complex or when a crisis strikes.
Vero makes numbers
We know that a strategy is always exciting when properly explained,
that delivery is ultimately better than promises, and that
silence is also communication.
Vero provides, and advises on, communication.
The world is spinning faster and communication methods are changing.
Competition for attention is intensifying, not least for listed companies.
This is where Vero comes in.

Strategic communication made easy.

Vero is a communications agency that helps market participants to build trust and good relationships. Our assignments are frequently both comprehensive and long-term – and requires close relationships with our clients.


The important aspect for us is that we have satisfied customers. We go to great lengths to understand our customers' challenges and find the best way forward.

Good advice pays off.

Choosing a communication partner

Most companies need an outside perspective to evaluate and develop their communication work – and meet the expectations of their business environment. Vero has extensive experience to fulfill that need.

OCTOBER 2 2020
We're looking for new junior consultants!
Vero is growing and we are currently looking for ambitious, fearless and driven people for our team at Engelbrektsplan in Stockholm. As a junior consultant at Vero, you will have an important role in our daily operations, provide hands-on help, but also take independent responsibility in collaborations with our exacting customers.
JUNE 22 2020
Get set for ESEF!
It’s time to plan for your annual report in ESEF format. Neither the Swedish Supervisory Authority nor the Swedish Companies Registration Office seem ready for ESEF yet. But we are – and so should you be.

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