15 OKTOBER 2021
The more the merrier – three new Veroans
We are very happy that Adrian Djerf, Maria Montgomery and Siri Cederlund have joined the team with additional strength, competence and knowledge.
Adrian works primarily with ongoing investor relations. He has previous experience assisting clients in various industries with financial communication and has a master's degree in Business Administration with a focus on management of growing enterprises from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. When he is not talking about the latest stock exchange news, he likes to discuss football, preferably about the triumphs of his hometown team Elfsborg.

Maria works primarily with strategic communication. She has several years of experience in communication and project management in change processes. She has a degree in Strategic Communication from Lund University and in project management from Berghs. Maria plays basketball at her home court on Kungsholmen and is willing to admit that she runs faster on the offense than in defense.

Siri is our office assistant, making sure of a fully operational Vero. She graduated from VRG Djursholm earlier this summer and helps us with administration, purchasing, planning, project assistance and much more. When she is not with us, she likes to spend quality time in the stable with her horses, with whom she also competes in dressage.

Read more about, and find contact information to, our new "Veroans" here!

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