Thule Group sets Net-zero Targets for 2050

Thule Group has a long-established and ambitious sustainability strategy. Now we are taking another step in setting targets for our ambition to reduce the company's environmental impact. Thule Group has applied for approval for Net-zero Targets for 2050.

Thule Group shows continued commitment to ambitious long-term sustainability strategy and targets by applying for formal review and approval by the globally renowned Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for the company’s Net-zero targets. The Thule Group commits to, by 2020, reduce its overall emissions by at least 90% and to neutralise any residual emissions that are not possible to eliminate. The company’s application builds upon its current 2030 SBTi targets and aims to fulfil the Paris Agreement's ambition not to increase the earth's average temperature by more than 1.5° C.

– Our application for approval for our Net-zero targets for 2050 is a natural extension of the commitments we made back in October 2020 when we committed to the Science Based Targets initiative with a focus on Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, says Kajsa von Geijer, SVP HR & Sustainability at Thule Group. Our sustainability work is characterized by a genuine long-term approach that affects all parts and functions of the company. In this context, Net-zero for 2050 is a very good measure of and target for our ambitious agenda, concludes Kajsa von Geijer.

In addition to the environmentally focused greenhouse gas emissions related sustainability targets related to SBTi, Thule Group has additional long-term sustainability targets linked to, among other things, water consumption, recycling, health and safety. These targets are all presented in more depth on the corporate website >>>

Read more about Thule Group Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) >>>

Kajsa von Geijer
SVP HR & Sustainability
Tel: +46 40 635 90 14


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